• Welcome to my website!

    I´m a self-employed audio engineer / producer and I've worked in the renowned Woodhouse Studios for many years before.
    My specialities are rock, pop, punk and metal Productions.


    • professional mixdown incl. corrections and editing
    • stereo mastering
    • PQ mastering for audio-CDs (Track marker, CD text, isr codes, etc. )
    • DDP images for duplication
    • producing, keyboard programming, drum programming
    • recording

    For any kind of recording, a detailed preliminary is needed, since there are many aspects to consider.

    After consultation, a cooperation with Waldemar Sorychta (Producer of Sodom, Lacuna Coil, Tiamat, Exumer, Grip Inc. etc.) is possible. In the past years we´ve sucessfully worked on many projects together.


  • Procedure

    Data delivery for mix and mastering:

    Data can be send via upload. Good and easy services for this are Wetransfer, Dropbox and so on.
    A client server with personal login is also available for this purpose. Larger amounts of data should be packed as a RAR- or ZIP-archive before uploading.

    Of course you can also send me a CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, USB-Stick, SD-Card or external hard drive by mail.


    You can provide me complete Cubase projects (all versions from SX1 to newest Cubase Pro 9 are possible) or WAVE- or AIFF-files of each single track (all tracks need to have the same starting point).

    I can also handle Pro Tools session files (up to version 11).

    Preferred format: 24bits, 44,1 kHz, (up to 192 kHz possible)


    Please deliver the untreated mixdown as a WAVE- or AIFF-file; don´t do any conversions.

    MP3 or other data reduced formats are unsuitable for mastering.

    Stem-masterings can be done on request.


    After a mix/master is done, I will upload the result, so you can evaluate it.

    If there are any questions, feel free to contact me :)



    Album: Decision Day (2016)


    Album: Canto V (2017)
    Production, recording, mix & mastering together with Waldemar Sorychta

    Spin My Fate

    Album: Tides (2017)
    Recording, Mix, Mastering



    Album: Ravenhead (Jan 2015)
    Mastering, additional engineering

    Christian Vidal

    Album: Home (2017)
    Mix, Mastering together with Waldemar Sorychta


    Album: Backyard Frency (2017)
    Co-Producing, Mix, Mastering


    Album: Epitome Of Torture (2013)
    Recording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta


    Album: In War And Pieces (2010)
    Recording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta

    Lacuna Coil

    Album: Comalies (2002)
    Assistent engineer (Woodhouse Studio)


    Album: Summoning the Malicious (2017)
    Mixing, Mastering

    Dickes Gebäude

    Album: Blitzlichtgewitter (2016)
    Recording, Mixing & Mastering


    Album: Tsar(2016)


    Album: Casket Case (2017)
    Produktion, recording, mix & mastering together with Waldemar Sorychta

    The Other

    Album: Fear Itself (2015)
    Recording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta


    Album: Ravashi (2016)
    Recording, mixing & mastering
    Produced by Waldemar Sorychta


    Album: Die Ballade von der blutigen Rose (2017)


    Album: In Gedenken (2015)

    Tweak Machine

    EP: Supernova (2016)
    Producing, recording, mix & mastering, 


    Album: Emissaries (2006)
    Recording (in Woodhouse Studio),
    Mix & mastering 

    Black Vulpine

    Album: Hidden Places (2015)


    Album: The Raging Tides (2016)
    Recording, Mix, Mastering
    Producing by Waldemar Sorychta


    Album: Fire & Damnation (2012)
    Recording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta


    Album: Shadow Hearts (2003)
    Recording, assistent engineer (Woodhouse Studio)

    Orden Ogan

    Album: To The End (2012)


    Album: Princess Of Pain (2015)
    Drumrecording, mix & mastering

    Vanishing Point

    Album: Distant Is The Sun (2014)


    Album: Rubicon (2010)
    Mix, together with Waldemar Sorychta


    Album: Revolutionary Cells (2015)
    Mixing, mastering


    Album: What Will Prevail (2016)

    Charm Designer

    Album: Everlasting (2015)
    Mix, Mastering, Producing von Waldemar Sorychta


    Album: Heretic Rapture (2009)
    Mix & mastering, together with Waldemar Sorychta


    Album: Las Crónicas De Enki (2014)



    Album: My Secret Island (2014)

    Co-Producing, mix, mastering

    The Other

    Album: The Devils You Know (2012)
    Recording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta

    The Other

    Album: New Blood (2010)
    Recording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta


    Album: Dance Of The dead (2011)


    Album: It Takes a Spark (2015)
    Recording, mix, mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta



    Album: Subzero (2011)
    Recording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta

    Die Beschmierten

    Album: Bock auf Bier (2014)
    Mix & mastering

    The Idiots

    Album: Gott sei Punk (2014)
    Recording, Mix, Mastering, Co-Producing

    The Idiots

    Album: Amok (2013)
    Recording, mix, mastering, co-producing


    Album: Ballo del´asino (2016)
    Recording, Mix, Mastering


    Album: Mein Hut hat keine Ecken (2012)
    Recording, mix, mastering, co-producing


    Album: Seelentropfen (2007)
    Recording, mix, mastering (in Woodhouse Studio)


    Album: Einzig aber nicht artig (2004)
    Recording, mix, mastering (in Woodhouse Studio)

    BVB Sampler "Echte Liebe"

    Sampler mastering (2012), 
    together with Waldemar Sorychta.
    2 tracks of Waldemars band "Dortmunder Jungs" 
    are part of the compilation. This were recordet, mixed & mastered
    by us.


    Album: Schwesterchen Frost (2013)

    The Very End

    Album: Turn Off The World (2012)
    Recording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta

    The Very End

    Album: Mercy & Misery (2010)
    Recording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta

    Dawn Of Destiny

    Album: To Hell (2015)
    Mix, Mastering

    Dawn Of Destiny

    Album: F.E.A.R. (2014)
    Mix, Mastering

    Dawn Of Destiny

    Album: Human Fragility (2009)
    Mix, mastering

    Dawn Of Destiny

    Album: Praying To The World (2012)
    Mix, mastering


    Album: Aurora Core (2010)
    Recording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta

    But We Try It

    Album: A Twisted Sanctuary (2013)
    Drumrecording, mix, mastering

    Enemy Of The Sun

    Album: Caedium (2010)
    Recording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta


    Album: The Fourth And Final Horsemen (2013)


    Album: Class of Hellhound High (2013)
    Co-Producing, mix, mastering


    Album: Masturboned (2015)
    Drumrecording, co-producing, mix, mastering


    Album: Psychotic Kingdom (2013)


    Album: Of Unsound Minds (2012)
    Drumrecording, mix & mastering
    together with Waldemar Sorychta

    Onkel Tom

    Album: Nunc Est Bibendum (2011)


    Album: Be Different Or Die (2010)
    Mix, mastering

    Spin My Fate

    Album: The Live Tape (2014)
    Live-recording, mix, mastering


    Spin My Fate

    Album: The Acoustic Sessions (2013)
    Recording, mix, mastering


    Additional to the album:
    Liverecording, mix and mastering of the releaseshow
    Location:  Fabrik Coesfeld (07.06.2013)

    Spin My Fate

    Album: When Worlds Collide (2011)
    Recording, Mix, Mastering


    Additional to the album:
    Liverecording, mix and mastering of the releaseshow
    Location:  Fabrik Coesfeld (26.11.2011)

    Spin My Fate

    Album: Two Way Choice (2009)
    Mix, mastering


    Album: Dark Days Ahead (2013)

    Flexo Rodriguez

    Album: Coachella Sun (2017)

    Producing, Recording, Mix & Mastering


    Album: Restored To Life (2012)


    Album: Collision (2013)

    Pigs Can Fly

    Album: Pigs Can Fly (2008)
    Recording, mix, mastering, producing
    guitars, keys

    The Grabøwskis

    Album: 1977 (2014)
    Recording, mix, mastering, co-producing

    Stefan Bauer

    Album: Sieben Gesichter der Angst (2014)
    Recording, mix, mastering, co-producing

    Stefan Bauer

    Album: Die Welt in einem Meer aus Licht (2012)
    Recording, mix, mastering, co-producing

    Gee and the Plastic Strings

    Album: Childish Behaviour in Adult Relationships (2015)
    Mix, Mastering


    Album: Stiller Beobachter (2010)


    EP: Zurück zu mir (2014)
    Mix, Mastering

    Black Gaffa

    Album: Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand (2013)
    Mix, mastering


    Album: Glück (2010)
    Mix, mastering, co-producing
    Additional keys & guitars

    All My Secrets

    Album: Few Songs About It (2012)
    Mix, mastering


    Album: Aufruhr (2013)
    Recording, mix, mastering, producing


    • HAMMER KING (Album „Hammer King“) mastering
    • PANDEMIA (Album: „ At The Gates Of Nihilism“) mix, mastering togehter Waldemar Sorychta
    • ODENKIRCHEN (Album: „OK“) mix, mastering, co-producing
    • AARGH FUCK KILL (neues Album) mastering
    • DUO SOLEIL LEVANT (EP: „Impressions de Paris et de l`Amérique du Sud“) recording, mix, mastering
    • TOTAL NEGATION (neues Album) mix, mastering
    • SOLEMN STATEMENT (God Whispers) mastering
    • DIMA SIROTA (2 Songs) mix, mastering
    • REVEL IN VOID (Album: „Those He Hates He Loves Most“) mastering
    • CROSSPLANE (Song "Rollin") recording, mix, mastering
    • MANEGE FREI (Nightmareland) producing, recording, mix, mastering
    • XYLONITE IVY (new album) mix & mastering together with Waldemar Sorychta
    • BEAUTIFUL BROKEN (Emotions May Vari) mix & mastering together with Waldemar Sorychta
    • UNTIL SEPTEMBER (1 Track) mix & mastering
    • THE STAARS (3 Tracks) vocalrecording & mix
    • HUNGÖVER (3 Tracks) recording, mix, mastering together with Waldemar Sorychta
    • CAMP LATE (EP) mix & mastering
    • PICTURA (Rebirth EP) mix & mastering
    • KYONIC (Streams) mastering
    • KADAVRIK (N.O.A.H.) mastering
    • INTERSTELLAR GENOCIDE (Kings in Satans Service) mastering
    • NIM VIND Album mastering
    • FIFTEEN YEARS FINDING (EP: Another Year) drumrcording, mix, mastering
    • WE KNEW JOHN DOE mastering
    • SYMPTOM LIEBE (Filmmusic + titlesong) musician, lyrics, produktion, recording, mix, mastering
    • SACRIFIGHT, 4 Tracks Mix & mastering
    • PROJEKT EVA, mastering
    • LEVIATHAN (new album) mastering together with Waldemar Sorychta
    • EINWEG (Sternentaucher) mix, mastering
    • SOLDATOR (The Booze Of Rock´n Roll) drumrecording, mix, mastering
    • Kendis (Album: Kendis) mastering
    • WUNDERWERK (Glück) mix, mastering, producing
    • THE SMALLTOWN ROCKETS (Mondopop) mastering
    • RANDOMWALK (Absolution), mastering together with Waldemar Sorychta
    • 20 Jahre Band Ini Schwerte Live concert (CD/DVD mix & mastering)
    • BORIS GOTT (Es ist nicht leicht ein Mensch zu sein) mastering
    • HADEAN (Parasite) mastering together with Waldemar Sorychta
    • IRON KID & BAND (Julien Blues Live In Town) mix, mastering
    • BUT WE TRY IT (Dead Lights) recording in Woodhouse Studio
    • REVAMP (neues Album) recording, together with Waldemar Sorychta
    • JOHAN EDLUND from Tiamat (3 tracks mix, mastering) 
    • THE HATE WITIHN (Battlefield EP) recording, mix , mastering
    • OBLIVION (Unique Moments) recording, mix , mastering
    • BELTANE (Expressionist) recording, mix, mastering
    • LUNASTRIP (the neverending Demo-Story) recording, mix, mastering
    • NEWPHORIA (3 tracks 2008) recording, mix, mastering
    • ILEUS (EP 2007) mix, mastering
    • SUNSHOWER (Sold out before available) mix, mastering
    • FRONTLOOP (3 Track Demo) mix, mastering
    • JADYS MT (5 Track Demo) recording, mix, mastering
    • MONTY BURNS (Black Box) mix, mastering
    • EINWEG (Heute ist der Tag) mix, mastering
    • CENTER MYSELF (Bleeding Wings) mix, mastering together with Waldemar Sorychta
    • SOLDATOR (Desperate Old Men) mix, mastering
    • and lots more...

    In Woodhouse Studio as recording or assistent engineer (2001-2009):

    • DAYS IN GRIEF (Behind the curtain...)
    • CROSSCUT (Directors cut)
    • LIZA LI (18)
    • ENEMY OF THE SUN (Shadows)
    • WITHOUT WAX (We Should Belive)
    • MOONSPELL (Memorial)
    • ZSK (Riot Radio)
    • NOKTA (Lifetime part 1&2)
    • BLOODFLOWERZ (7 Benedictions / 7 Maledictions)
    • THE SEER (Arrival)
    • NME MINE (Life without water)
    • LETZTE INSTANZ (Ins Licht)
    • RED AIM (Flesh for fantasy und Niagara)
    • SUIT YOURSELF (Parka)
    • UPDIVERSS (I´m happy with my jacket)
    • TIAMAT (Amanethes)
    • TRISTANIA (Illumination)
    • THE DOGMA (Black Roses / A good day to die)
    • DAWN OF DESTINY (Begins / Rebellion in heaven)
    • EYES OF EDEN (Faith)
    • MERCURY TIDE (Why?)
    • BLACK SONIC PROPHETS (Out Of The Light - Into The Night)
    • LUNACY(N.I.N.E)
    • DELIRIUM (1st Album)
    • VIA OBSCURA (1st Album)
    • TATORT filmusic, mixing
    • STIER (EP)
    • UPTONOGOOD (Album)
    • and lots more...
  • Samples

    Here you can listen to some samples of my work

    The samples are links to Youtube videos or other sources of the bands. I´m not responsible for the content.

    Please report any wrong or dead links.

  • Prices

    Prices depend on the material and the time expense needed to get a job done.

    I will make an individual and fair offer to every prospective customer.

  • Equipment


    • Genelec 1031a + subwoofer (Main)
    • M-Audio DSM1
    • Genelec 8010


    • Audio workstation with Intel Core i7 3930K cpu, 48 GB RAM,  Plextor CD-burner
    • Dell M6600 Mobilworkstation (Intel Core i7 2920XM, 16GB RAM)
    • RME Fireface UFX & UCX
    • RME HDSP 9632
    • RME HDSP 9652
    • RME HDSPe Madiface
    • Universal Audio LA-610 MK2 (high end tube channel strip)
    • Neve Portico 5012 (2 channel high end microphone preamp)
    • Apogee Mini Me (2 channel high end AD converter and preamp)
    • Drawmer DL 241 compressor
    • SPL Track One channelstrip
    • 2x Steinberg UR824 (USB-Interface and 8 channel AD/DA converter)
    • Art Tubeopto (8 channel preamp and  AD/DA converter, stock tubes are  exchanged with better ones)
    • Focusrite Octopre LE (8 channel preamp and AD/DA converter)
    • M-Audio Pro 2626 (firewire interface and 8 channel AD/DA converter)
    • Marian ADCON (8 channel AD/DA  converter)
    • Kemper Profiling Amplifier
    • Fractal Audio AXE FX
    • Lexicon MX 200 multieffect
    • TC Electronics Finalizer
    • Yamaha SPX 90


    • Steinberg Cubase Pro 9.5,  8.5, 7.5, 6.5,  SX 3
    • Avid Pro Tools 12 & 10
    • Steinberg Wavelab 9
    • HOFA DDP Player Maker
    • Celemony Melodyne Editor 2
    • UAD2 Powered Plug-Ins
    • Soundtoys Native Bundle V5
    • Waves Horizon & Restoration Bundle
    • AIR FX Collection
    • Oeksound Soothe
    • Wave Arts Trackspacer
    • JST Producer Bundle
    • JST Transify
    • JST Sidewidener
    • JST BG Mix
    • JST BG Drums
    • Eventide Blackhole
    • Drumagog Pro Drumreplacer
    • Slate Digital (all plug ins)
    • NI Komplete Ultimate 10 FX
    • Tone2 Warmverb
    • Tone2 Ultraspace
    • LP 10 Linear Phase EQ
    • IIEQ Pro EQ
    • NY Kompressor
    • T Racks 3, T Racks Stealth Limiter
    • 6144 EQ
    • POD Farm 2.5 Platinum
    • Klanghelm DC8C2 Kompressor
    • Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack 3

    Sounds & Samples

    • Cubase Pro 9.5 Synths und Samples
    • NI Komplete 5&6, 10  ULTIMATE Bundle
    • Izotope Iris 2
    • IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik
    • AIR Complete 3 Bundle
    • Toontrack EZ Drummer
    • Addictive Drums 1 & 2
    • Kickforge
    • GGD Drums 2
    • 4 GB Drumagog Drumsound Library
    • Steven Slate Platinum 4.0 Drumsampler + all Expansions
    • Slate Trigger Platinum + "Deluxe", "Terry Date" & "David Bendeth" Expansions 
    • Ocean Way Drumkits
    • Drum Master2 Drumkits
    • Self created samples


    • Neumann TLM 49
    • Slate Digital Virtual Microphone System
    • 2x Beyerdynamic MC930
    • Advanced Audio CM12
    • Beyerdynamic M201 TG
    • Beyerdynamic TG D70d
    • Sennheiser MD 421
    • 2x Sennheiser MD 441
    • 2x Sennheiser e602
    • 2x AKG C214
    • 2x Audio Technica 4050
    • 2x Audio Technica 4040
    • 2x Audio Technica 4041
    • Audio Technica 4021
    • AKG D112
    • GleisZwo Subkick
    • 2x Audix D2
    • 4x Audix D6
    • 2x Audix D4
    • 3x Audix i5
    • 2x Audix F15
    • 2x Shure BETA 91A
    • Shure SM 57
    • Shure SM7b
    • 2x Shure SM 58
    • Avantone CK7
    • Electro Voice PL35
    • 2x AKG Perception 220
    • 2x T-Bone SC150
    • T Bone ST 1000


    • MIDI keyboard
    • ENGL Screamer combo
    • Notebook/computer system for external recordings
    • other stuff (cables, mic-stands, DI-boxes, headphones etc.)
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    All types of audio formats and all types of archive files are supported for upload.

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    Mobile: +49 172 / 2848293

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